So what is the "backstory" to PLAYDATE?
  1. The amazing #BurNTA creative educators in Chicago hosted the first PLAYDATE event in 2013 in Chicago
  2. Oklahoma City educators learned about it and decided at EdCampOKC 2014 to host a PLAYDATE here!
Learn more about PLAYDATE:
  1. Education Week article from January 22, 2013: "Teachers Need to Play Too: Playdate 2013"
  2. Post by Jennie Magiera from November 8, 2013: "PlanePlanning: The Birth of #PLAYDATE13"
  3. Post on from February 18, 2014: "First PlayDateOKC Scheduling"
Other PLAYDATE (past and upcoming) events are listed on the original PLAYDATE CHICAGO website. If you'd like to host your own PLAYDATE, fill out their form for a PLAYDATE DIY Kit.

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