PLAYDATE OKC is organized by volunteers. 

Members of our Fall 2015 organizer team include:
  1. Wesley Fryer - @wfryer
  2. Michaela Freeland

Members of our April 2015 organizer team included:
  1. Adam Zodrow
  2. Shelly Fryer - @sfryer
  3. Wesley Fryer - @wfryer

Members of our 2014 organizer team included:
  1. April Gustafson - @April2383
  2. Christie Paradise - @ChrisParadise
  3. Julie Gathright - @jlgathright
  4. Wesley Fryer - @wfryer
If you're interested in helping organize please get in touch with one of our current organizers!

Organizer meetings are listed as events in our G+ community.

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