What to Bring and Know (Apr 2015)

(this page is for April 2015 - it will be updated with new details for our fall 2015 PLAYDATE...)

John Rex Charter School is located at the corner of Sheridan and Walker Ave in downtown OKC, just southwest of the Devon Tower. The address is:

500 Sheridan Ave, W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

PLAYDATE has a simple format. Bring technology tools you want to use and play with. Open WIFI Internet access will be available. You might want to bring:
  1. A friend and/or colleague!
  2. A laptop
  3. A tablet computer (like an iPad)
  4. A smartphone (help us document the day by taking and sharing photos, use the tag #playdate15 on Twitter and Instagram)
  5. Charging / electrical adapters for your digital devices
  6. Your account passwords (like your iTunes account email and password, your Google account login, the administrative password to your laptop so you can install new software applications, etc.


For our April 18th Playdate we will have:
  1. Open and fast wifi courtesy of OKCPS (The network ID will be edcampokc and will NOT require a password)
  2. Coffee and Bagels
  3. Minecraft and MinecraftEDU installed on 20 iMacs in the computer lab, along with a computer and LCD projector
  4. 29 Minecraft licenses from Mojang (userIDs and passwords) for participants to use during Playdate
  5. A MinecraftEDU server
  6. Printed (yes on paper!) copies of the MinecraftEDU Basic Controls Quickstart Guide (PDF) and Minecraft Recipe Reference Guide (PDF)
  7. Flatscreen televisions with AppleTVs in each classroom
We recommend you install the following software on your own iPad or Android tablets you're bringing to the workshop. Note Hopscotch is ONLY available for iOS, Scratch Jr is available for iOS and Android:
  1. Hopscotch app
  2. Scratch Jr app
We also recommend you setup a free account on studio.code.org.